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Quit throwing pizza at me! People call me Rory. That's also my name. I'm 17, and I live up in the north woods of the Upper Peninsula. I'm a big fan of Adam Young, and I am an electronic musician, as well as a pianist, drummer, and decent guitarist. (you can listen to my music in the "music" link to the right) Regardless of these talents, I cannot play the tuba.

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HEY I JUST CHECKED OUT YOUR MUSIC AND IT'S AMAZING! Listen, I'm also doing similar music like yours (synthpop/electronic/ambient-instrumental) on soundcloud and I was just asking if you could check my band out, we're called Aerial Harbor (Music) on soundcloud and bandcamp

Hey, thanks a lot! I just bookmarked it and I’ll totally check it out when I get home. I’ll give you some feedback too.

You know that new sample Owl City instagrammed? Using the melody and basic chord structure I made a longer version.

I really, really like your music. And the work you put into Adam's discography is amazing. You're doing a great job, please don't stop making music.

Kind person, thank you very much!

Unicorn Electro Swing Mary Poppins: A real tearjerker. 

Music: Jolie Coquine - Caravan Palace


vintage illustration Alberto Vargas illustration;


vintage illustration Alberto Vargas illustration;


*listens to david guetta*



Step 1: Press that little scroll wheel on your mouse.

Step 2: Move it just right so posts scrolls down at the perfect speed.

Step 3: Sit in front of computer screen like this.

Step 4: Rule the world.

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I got in a fight with a bag of confetti…